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Cultivate Retreat Recap & FAQ: Destination South America

Beautiful fall equinox to you (in the northern hemisphere)!

So much has been happening since I last popped in to share the big news that my family and I are shaking things up and moving to South America in a MERE 2 WEEKS! (Yes, the all caps = holy shit.)

Talk about the Unknown and building the muscle of faith - sheesh! There have been many twists and turns, plans that literally can't be made until pieces fall into place outside of our control, and a constant reminder that feeling all tight and constricted on the inside, has impact on what can come in from the outside. In short, I'm doing my work AND vacillating between Survival and Essential Energy. I've gotten some really spectacular questions from many of you about this travel/trip/move so I'll share a bit more in a moment.

But first - retreat! The Cultivate retreat in Taos was such a magical unfolding of synchronicity, being held by the land we met on and amazing humans coming together to do what we mammals do best - commune.

We are genetically designed to survive when in connection with our mammalian pack, and energetically designed to thrive when that connection is genuine and deep!

We learned how the Elemental Creative Cycle provides a consistent and reliable map for tracking and understanding our internal process and how that plays out in what we choose to create in our lives. This is the difference between creating from your heart and creating from your mind, in accordance with the natural cycle of life that is always moving through us.

One participant had this to say, "I learned so much about life and how I want to be with it all. It sounds hokey, but I truly do feel changed with a deeper level of knowing myself and what I need to show up fully me with myself and the people I love. Also, there is a magic in the retreat that began to show up in my life before we even gathered together."

South America FAQs (love you guys) Q: Are you driving to South America? A: Absolutely not. We're taking planes, trains, boats and automobiles. That we know of. Q: Are you camping? A: No, we're likely staying in houses and apartments, and a hotel here and there. Q: What are you packing and how many bags are you taking? A: We don't know and we don't know (goal is 1 suitcase/person). Q: Where are you going? A: Not entirely sure. We're starting in Medellin, Colombia and will play it by ear after that. We get 90 days in each country, and we've put a pin in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. Q: How long will you be gone? A: That's part of the organic nature of this adventure. We're planning to be away for a year-ish, and one of the most important pieces of this kind of adventure is that there isn't an attachment to an outcome. We could feel how putting an exact end date on this changed the energy of it in a way that wasn't beneficial. Q: Why are you doing this? A: Really, to shake things up. We'd gotten heavily domesticated and the pandemic showed us that we do well with a challenge. So, we're upping the ante. It feels like a recalibration, changing our environment and comfort zones so what really matters has a chance to shake out. Adventure and travel are 2 fabulous ways to keep waking up and changing the operating system, so here we go! Q: Is Levi (our 13-year old) excited? A: Nope. His face pales when we talk about it and he gets super grumpy. We're practicing holding the paradox of our excitement and his reservation + teenage angst. Q: Are you going to homeschool Levi? A: Uh, absolutely not. That is a rodeo that I have no business throwing my hat in. He has opted in to the roles of CFO (Chief Fun Officer) and DoT (Director of Travel) for now which will involve all sorts of life skills, math, logistics, currency and cultural learning. Q: Are you crazy? A: You know, I would've said, "Of course!" with a little smile 2 months ago, and now I would say, "Oh shit, is it that obvious?" The packing, logistics, To Do Lists and all the decisions being made have been something else! And, I wouldn't change a thing about this adventure experiment! The medicine is already at work . . .


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