Lisa Welden

Experience Junkie. Transformational Leader. Mentor.

I love imagination and dreams.


I believe that everything starts in these intangible realms when we're called to transform our lives. When we learn how to trust our intuition and take action, our world can transform. 

Creating a life worth living requires connecting to your rebel nature to keep waking up, finding your way, cultivating awareness to listen to the wisdom within, and making curiosity your BFF.

Here are some of of the breadcrumbs along my path of waking up and finding my way:

I caught a man at Cha Cha Cha's in San Francisco as he fainted.

In the midst of my advertising career convincing Fortune 500 companies they needed to be on this thing called the World Wide Web, I was visiting our HQ in SF. We were going to dinner at Cha Cha Cha's and were waiting for our table in the bar. As if a spidey sense got activated, I was drawn to a man standing at the bar and without thinking, ran to catch him as he fainted. I didn't know what to do with him. In fact, I thought his pants were too tight and maybe he wasn't getting enough blood flow (obviously not medically trained. Yet.). It woke something up in me that had been a restless discontent until I realized in that moment - I wanted to help people in a hands-on way. Sometimes the universe is super literal in its nudges. 

. . .

 Alta Vista helped me find my way (even with dial-up internet).

I was following the feeling that I was meant to help people, but had no idea what that actually looked like. One night I found myself online searching for alternative medicine schools in Denver, and the only one I found was a Traditional Chinese Medicine school. 


I'd been curious about alternative medicine since high school, and had started undergrad as a pre-med major. However, I found myself in organic chemistry a week before the first test without having opened the book. It was literally that anxiety dream - the one about not being prepared (at all) for the exam - but happening in real life. I promptly dropped the class and changed my major to advertising the same week. Phew!


When I showed up to my first night class at the Traditional Chinese Medicine school - Philosophy of Chinese Medicine -I fell in love! Nature-based medicine, non-linear thinking and interconnectedness - I felt like I was coming home. 

. . .

I loved making people bleed.

Seriously - blood-letting was one of my favorite techniques in the history of my 15+ years-long Chinese medicine practice. I also loved combining functional medicine, muscle testing, Hakomi (mindfulness-based somatic therapy) and spiritual guidance to work with my clients. I loved seeing how the mental, emotional and spiritual patterns show up in the body, and how the body holds so much wisdom for us. I loved when my clients could track their own patterns and make different choices and create different outcomes because they weren't running on autopilot.     

. . .

No more poop! 

Not one more description of bowel movements or the occasional offer to show me a picture of the BM. Enough! 

When the fascination of what came out of my clients' orifices (a hallmark diagnostic tool of Chinese medicine) started to wane, along with a growing restlessness like something didn't quite fit, I knew I was being led in a new direction. I now had a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between the physical-mental-emotional-spiritual realms and had seen it played out in myself and my clients for years. I knew that what manifested in the physical started in the energetic-spiritual realm and where I could be of most service was to work in those intangible realms. 

To work with people at the soul level. To help them listen to and honor that calling. And that's what I do today. 

. . . 

I've dedicated my life to exploring what's possible through extraordinary experiences into the soulful, spacious unknown. My purpose is to share transformational experiences with people who have a desire for knowing what it's like to live an inspired life of their making, are committed to their freedom, and connected to their purpose.  

Having founded 3 businesses, I'm on my own journey of transformation and freedom. Rebel Sage Experiences - my current business - is for people who believe that living a conventional life feels like nails on a chalkboard, and salivate at the opportunity to learn what their edges are to break through to a life they love, creating powerful impact in their worlds.  


Building on my success as an entrepreneur, today I curate transformational experiences through retreats, workshops, speaking engagements and with private clients 1-on-1, all in the name of creating a massive ripple effect of courageous, conscious living. 


I'm proud to say that in my many years of guiding people back to themselves, no one has gotten lost AND 

all have found parts of themselves they are no longer willing to live without.

Ready to see where your rebel is leading you and what wants to be lived through you that ONLY YOU are perfectly designed to create? 


Over the years of working with people, I started to notice that there were particular ways information would come to me when working with clients. There would be flashes of knowing, a feeling or emotion in my body, a vision, or pieces of their puzzle would literally lock into place. It's something I thought everyone did, so I didn't know to pay attention to it. But what I've realized is that every time something vital to my client's progress came in these very specific ways and I trusted them, it changed the course of our work together. It illuminated clients' next steps, clarified important insights for their transformation, and sparked realizations about themselves and how they relate to their worlds. Now I call these my superpowers and it's my belief that everyone has superpowers. It's one of the things I love uncovering with my clients - maybe you'll recognize yourself in some of the superpowers below! 

What I tap into when we work together


My Journey (so far) 

  • Bachelor of Arts at Iowa State University

  • Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAOM) - Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin

  • Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology graduate

(2-year mindfulness-based therapy)

  • Teaching Assistant Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology 

  • BG5 Human Design Studies

  • Executive Director for AATAOM (American Association for Teachers of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) 

  • Certified Sourced™ Transformational Retreat Leader

  • Matrixworks’ Enlightened Feminine Leadership

  • 5 Roles of the Master Herder Leadership 

  • AlchemE with EpiEnergetics

  • Natural Lifemanship Fundamentals

  • School for The Work with Byron Katie

  • International plant medicine studies    

  • Advanced studies in functional medicine 

  • Nutrition Response Testing (applied kinesiology)

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