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Rebels don’t fit in a box which is why I customize all of my 1:1 experiences for private clients to fit what you really need.
The way to do that is to schedule a call and we'll explore what you want to create and the support needed to step into who you need to BE to create it.

What’s possible when we work together? Well, you:

  • Create a life full of what really matters to you – you wholeheartedly say YES to the vision you have for yourself.

  • Distinguish between your head and your inner wisdom to gain clarity and to trust what you find so that you take aligned action.

  • Create more success in your life through your personal transformation - not working harder or sacrificing who you are. This isn’t about tools, strategies, and top 10 ways to be a successful leader. It is about being the person that your vision is requiring you to be.

  • Tap into and trust your rebel nature to follow that vital part of you that knows the way.

  • Unlearning the things you were taught about yourself and the world that aren’t true so you stop spinning in exhausting cycles of living someone else’s expectations.

  • Being so grounded and clear in who you are on the inside that your outside world shifts to a new reality.

  • Tune into your creativity and innovation and actively pursue possibilities that light you up.


One of the biggest takeaways from our work together was feeling into how crucial it is to have support when bringing a vision to life. Having Lisa's support and guidance allowed me to move through so many blocks that would have otherwise stalled me, if not stopped me altogether. Being able to identify WHAT those blocks are and building tools and developing skills to work with them also allowed me to deepen my understanding of myself. In many ways, working with Lisa helped me to see that these blocks aren't blocks at all, but rather opportunities to unlock more of my energy and integrate my own truths and wisdom. 


I recommend working with Lisa because she doesn't just help you bring your vision to life, she helps you bring more of YOU to your vision and your life as well. She helps you wake up to your own gifts and the gift of freedom that comes with living in alignment with your own personal power and authenticity. 


It is very exciting for me to have created work that feels so close to my heart and in alignment with all that I am.  Lisa has been the incredible mentor/healer/coach/spiritual advisor/inspiration superwoman who has encouraged my growth in this direction for years now. This simply would not be happening without her guidance and support. She’s a real one, and I am forever grateful.

- Katelyn

This is what shows up for you:

  •  Make money in alignment with your true purpose.

  • Trust yourself. You stop looking outside for answers, validation and approval and learn to trust your inner guidance.

  • Laugh. (like whole-body laughter at the stuff that life dishes up)

  • Learn to track your own limiting patterns, mine them for gold and rewrite your future with your newfound wisdom.

  • Listen to that fiery part of you that knows the way and refuses to conform to convention.

  • Create fulfilling relationships that feel real because you’re showing up real. Maybe for the first time.

  • Live by the “Hell Yes Rule” – you only do things that are a “Hell Yes!” and you do it without the guilt. This goes for relationships, work, commitments, even the frickin’ holidays.

  • Know how to make aligned decisions so you don’t spend time living in your head spinning your wheels.

  • Find clarity around your vision and claim your gifts and value to be unstoppable in creating what matters to you.

  • Understand that life is happening FOR you and that you are the creator of your reality. You see the magical way the universe works and how you are a part of it.

  • Have the confidence to do the hard things. You stop beating yourself up​.

You are invited to a safe and non-judgmental space where all parts of you are welcome.

The people that have fun working with me are:

  • Tired of trying to figure it all out on their own.

  • Feel stuck. They have a vision and want to move on it, but are unsure how.

  • Going through the motions and know there’s more possible.

  • Believe there is a life that wants to be lived through them and there’s impact they are here to create.

  • Willing to get uncomfortable AND take brave steps toward their vision.

  • Can feel there's something calling them and they’re committed to following the call.

  • Have a vision and a mission that requires them to step (or leap) into the unknown and know having support will help them navigate the sticky spaces.

  • Identify as freedom and truth seekers and adventure lights them up.

This is NOT for you if you won’t make time and space for this work, are not willing to get uncomfortable to realize your vision and take the steps required to bring it to life, or you are committed to keeping people around you happy and are unwilling to risk disappointing them.

What does it look like to work together?

VIP Immersion Days
Private Retreats
International & Domestic
Compassionate Accountability
1:1 Sessions
BG5 Overview
The owner's manual you never got.

To explore working together, book your complimentary, 45-minute Exploratory Call hereDuring our call, I’ll ask you questions about your vision for yourself and what you’re looking for. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me questions.

If we feel like we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll share with you an experiential program designed to support you in stepping into your vision for yourself.  

p.s. even though there is abundant pink on this website, I work with lots of men too! :) 

p.s.s. if you want to explore my superpowers that I use to support you, go here.


Kara L.

Lisa has helped me on many levels. Emotionally she has a gentle way of guiding me to recognize the different signs that were appearing in my life and how these signs help me grow along my journey. I used to see them as problems – now I know they show up FOR me and my growth. Lisa helps me to put things into perspective and I now feel greater self confidence, am kinder to myself and more aware. It’s been transformative working with Lisa when I’m in a rough patch as she brings a perspective that is positive, encouraging and free of blame.​

Brandi H.

Lisa changes lives.


She won’t take credit for it, but she definitely facilitates in helping you become your best self with patience, grace, compassion and kindness that is unparalleled.

Marie B.

Lisa had my back the whole way. She has the ability to see the 'me' without all the limiting beliefs I was conditioned with.

That felt really important as I took the steps to launch my new business and what that required of me personally to find inside. She kept pointing me back to me, and to my great surprise, I found I actually  had the answers I had looked for so long outside of myself!

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