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The Energetics of Creating From Survival vs Essential Energy
An experience for those committed to creating a new world


If you knew how powerful you were, would you be living the life you are?


If not, what would you be creating instead? 

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We are creating ALL THE TIME.


We create with every choice we make or don’t make. 


We create with our words or by remaining silent. 


We create when we withhold or when we give generously. 


We create by believing we’re powerful or not.  

And it all starts with energy… energy is central to how and what we create. 

Let me explain…


There are only two energies we can create from - Survival and Essential Energy - and they create vastly different lives and experiences. 

Survival Energy is energy created from the past that you learned to use to get love, approval and appreciation that is now used to try to control future outcomes and keep you safe. 


It often feels tight, heavy, exhausting and serious. When you create from here you are creating from fear. 

Essential Energy is energy based in the present moment and is vital, alive, aligned and draws from who you are here to BE.


It often feels light, joyful, playful, spacious and clear. When you create from here you are creating from love.

 Here’s the kicker - most of us create from Survival Energy because 1) conditioning and 2) we’re actually creating to avoid. 

Some examples of Survival Energy include:

  • avoiding conversations (so you don't rock the boat and upset someone)

  • playing small (so you don't take up too much space or stand out to avoid criticism and judgment)

  • tolerating clients that don't fit because they pay your bills

  • staying in a job for the "golden handcuffs" (so that you feel 'safe')

  • being nice or people pleasing (to get love, approval or appreciation)

  • trying to Figure It Out, doing it The Right Way and Perfectionism (to avoid rejection)

  • twisting yourself up into a pretzel to be accommodating or conversely, micro-managing to ensure everything goes your way (creating to avoid by controlling)

  • staying in relationships that don't fit because the uncomfortable known feels safer than the unknown

Starting to get a sense for how this works? 

When you're following a calling, the calling comes from Essential Energy (this is where your future self lives - the one that knows how this all goes down). By its very nature, following your calling requires you to step into the Unknown which naturally drives up Survival Energy. 

That's why it's so important to be able to discern which energy you're creating from. Since you found your way here, my guess is that you don't want to create more of what you see when you look out into the world. Me neither.


This is how we start creating differently.

I have A LOT of faith in the process of following a calling. In fact, I believe it’s one of the most magical things we can do as humans. 

It’s a reclamation of who we are underneath all the conditioning, and it’s co-conspiriting to CREATE possibilities that have never seen the light of day and won’t unless you answer the calling. It’s creating in alignment with our true selves. 


So let’s do it together.

I’ve put together this very fun, FREE, 90-minute online class so we can all get into the creative soup together and get clarity on:

  • Why you’re stuck in different areas of your life - we will delve deeper into the energy you’ve been in and the difference between Survival and Essential Energy 


  • How you’ve been stuck - because being stuck can look different for each of us, from hearing a calling that feels scary, unknown and like it could upend your life if you follow it, to being hesitant to take the next step to overcome a challenge in your life, to completely avoiding difficult conversations, to feeling stuck because you're searching for The Right Way. So together we will examine how Survival and Essential Energy look in your life and what your version of creating to avoid is.


  • Your commitment to your next step - by the end of the class you will be aware of what energy you have been creating from and with awareness comes the power to choose what comes next. We will ask, ‘What is possible now that you have brought awareness to the energy you are creating from?’ and get super clear on what you’re committed to for your next step. 


AND you’ll get to experience the way I work - especially helpful if you’re new to Rebel Sage. This experience will be interactive, experiential and fun! 


To register and receive access to Create, just enter your information and click on the button below:





By signing up for Create, you'll also receive periodic emails and invitations from Rebel Sage.

We don't share you with anyone else and you can opt out at any time.

Knowing yourself as a powerful creator is the secret sauce to designing a life that inspires you.

The day after Create, I had an epiphany. I had been miserable for weeks leading up to the class because of feeling stuck in an area of my personal life.


What you covered in Create, and defining Survival Energy had a huge light bulb go off for me. I realized I've been in Survival Energy most of my life - in fact I built a career around it. I also realized that if I can shift my energy, I can start seeing people in my world differently and this stuck area could change. This feels life-changing!

- D.D.

I truly enjoyed the material and the responses from all of the participants.  You always provide great tools to help people move forward and see past their current storm.  I needed this class. I believe the reason I can’t create the life I want is because I'm stuck in Survival Energy… 


Thank you for everything you do Lisa!

- T.J.



Lisa Welden

Co-Conspirator. Transformational Leader. Experience Junkie.


Hi, I’m Lisa!  I believe life is an adventure to be lived by challenging ourselves to step into the wild unknown, follow our hearts, and trust it will lead us to something more profound than we can even imagine.  


Following a calling is one of the most magical things we can do as humans, that’s why one of my favorite things to do in the world is help other people follow theirs. 

Simply put: My calling is to help you follow yours! 


Everyone has unique medicine to be shared with the world and I love to conspire with entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, service-based leaders and rebels whose medicine ruffles feathers and disrupts the status quo. I guide my clients to listen to their hearts and trust their Rebel natures to envision and create businesses and lives that light them up.

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