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Dear Creator,

What wants to be created through you now?


And what needs to be tended to in service of you and your creation?

Consider this your invitation to step out of the hustle and tune into the part of you that knows the way.  


Rebel Sage Retreat

Date TBD 

(the next adventure is in the midst of being created . . .) 








Do you have the feeling that something new is wanting to happen in your life and you need a break from the daily to really tune in to what's calling you?

Ready to tap into your creativity and feel lit up? To step out of the mundane into the space of possibility?  

This is an indicator from your soul that you're ready for what's next.

Will you answer the calling?

I’m inviting you to jump!


If it's time for you to disconnect from your regularly programmed life and connect to the part of you that knows the way, then a Rebel Sage Retreat may be just the thing for you. 

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