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Feeling Grateful . . .

For those of you new to the Being Human Newsletter and Rebel Sage - welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

I've got a celebration to share. Earlier this month, I held my 10th Rebel Sage Retreat - woo hoo!! An amazing group of people gathered in the Texas Hill Country and I'm confident the world is a better place because of their attention placed on what deeply matters.

Retreats are hands down my favorite way to deep dive into this experience of being human. You just can't beat the magic that gets created in the group and the way that people walk out of the experience looking and feeling like MORE of who they are at their core.


It's officially fall here in the Northern hemisphere and the more digits I add to my age, the more I can appreciate the cyclical nature of the seasons of life.

I was going through a box labeled "Office" as I continue to unpack from our 10-month adventure in South America (and boy does it get easier to leave those boxes in the garage once creature comforts are tended to and I found my favorite hoodie).

I found a stack of client folders and with each folder, a whole life appeared in front of me. Little snapshots of the person's life, why they were coming to see me, what it was like to be in their presence, the surprises we would discover together about how their body was leading them to a greater awareness of what life had in store for them. The heartbreaks, celebrations, laughs about how literal the Universe can be, the resistance to going deeper and the confidence gained when they did.

As I got to the bottom of the stack, I found a folder that belonged to someone who had unexpectedly died just before I left for South America. We'd worked together for years and each session with her was like sitting down to a 5-course meal. She felt life so fully, had her fingers in so many pots, had a contagiously optimistic outlook on life and an infectious, Southern laugh. Even in the shittiest of shit times, she could laugh. I miss her.

The leaves are falling to the ground. The days are getting shorter. The squirrels are busy hiding nuts.

This is the season of fall.

A time of letting go, completion, honoring what has been and is no longer, celebrating the harvest that summer creates and trusting that each ending contains a new beginning. Digesting the sadness and grief of endings and realizing that there was so much more than just that ending.

It's an honor to share life in such intimate ways. To be invited in to a different perspective of seeing the world. I've lived 1000's of seasons and lives with my clients over the years. I remember when the energy shifted in the session, the words spoken, what was at stake, the energetic patterns at play. Connection creates a full and vital life.

So in this season of remembering and honoring, to those of you I've worked with - thank you for sharing your life with me. To those of you new to this community, thank you for sharing your attention.

Wishing you deep connection to what matters to you.

With gratitude,



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