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U-Hauls, Trust & Toasted Ants

Lordy, lordy a whole lotta stuff has happened since we last convened here on the 'ol blog.

First, my family and I are living in Medellin, Colombia!

We're really doing it!

It's been such an amazing experience to engage with a big-scale dream like this, reverse engineer it and see all the pieces come together in their own timing, and in their own way ("in their own timing and in their own way" is a bold-faced lie. My inner control freak didn't like that part).

There's been nothing hard about picking up roots, throwing away over half our possessions, preparing our house to be rented, pulling the kiddo out of school, figuring out how to receive virtual mail, becoming Whatsapp converts and packing each person in a single suitcase for a year. Not a single one of those things was hard (especially because I tucked a few items of my own in my son's suitcase).

You know what was hard? Trusting.

Trusting that all the pieces we needed to fall into place would, and letting go of the way we thought it "should" be. Letting go of the tiller so to speak.

You know what else was hard?

The shenanigans the mind was trying to pull on each of us in its own special, niggly, screaming kind of way. The way that wakes you up at 4am and doesn't let you go back to sleep because there are 10,000 items remaining on the To Do List and you might as well get a jump on the day.

As it is with the journey of every heart-based desire - you will be transformed.

Who you are when you start, is not who you'll be when you reach the destination. And you'll find that it's not even very much about the destination because the expansion required of you and who you need to become, creates new possibilities along the way. Most are even better than you originally planned for.

That's the thing about the head and the heart. The head wants to get all the duckies in a row (Survival Energy - keeping you 'safe') and the heart (operating in Essential Energy) already knows the way.

Integrating those two is a lifetime practice and one that gets easier the more you trust yourself and practice on things big and small.

So, as we put the last of our things in the U-Haul trailer to head out of town, still not having a renter for our house, my husband and I looked at each (each with a slightly crazed look in our eyes) and said "Onward!! Whatever happens happens and we're going to be okay! Woo hoo!!!"

As we pulled out of our driveway, an SUV pulled in. It was the realtor showing our house to renters that signed an 8-month lease and moved in the very next day.

You just can't make this stuff up. When you're all in, the Universe has to respond and our work is to not dictate/grasp/grip onto what we think that response needs to be. Our work is to open and allow.

Until next time - hasta luego!

P.S. I ate a giant ant like this at Spanish class. It was an hormigo cruciante (toasted ant) known for its huge abdomen or butt, I couldn't make out which one. I got a crunchy leg stuck in my tooth for a little bit.


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