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It's Time To Blow Shit Up

One of Rebel Sage's core beliefs is that sometimes, to live an inspired life, you have to blow shit up.

That’s why my family and I are in the process of purging a bunch of stuff, making lots of decisions, collecting gems on Duolingo and packing a few bags to head to South America to live for a year this fall! To say that life feels surreal right now is an understatement.

"Your habits define you, but they also limit you. Blowing stuff up is required if you want to keep growing as a person."
- Levi, 12-year old


I’ve had a dream of living abroad with my family for years – it even made its way onto my bucket list. Our family tends to do “adventurous” situations really well – it brings something out in each of us that feels like a strength. I also have a strong desire to know what we’re made of as a family, and how this experience shapes who we are and what truly matters to us.

I had been feeling like our life as a family had gotten too domesticated. We have regular routes we drive in our bubble to school, work and the grocery store, and I could drive to each on auto pilot. Every Wednesday we have Marvel Universe TV nights. Ophelia the Cat walks on my laptop keyboard, swirling her tail in front of my face at 4:53 pm each day to let me know it's almost her dinnertime. None of these things are bad. They are comfortable.

What I know about comfortable and me though, is that it can sing me to sleep. I forget my feral side and the part that gets really jazzed by chance encounters and not knowing what's next. Or the part of me that easily turns into a kid, viewing new landscapes through the lens of wonder and awe. The vitality that comes from intentionally scheduling a date with the Unknown.

So, to give myself a dose of my own medicine, I've come to find that I have to regularly blow shit up to keep me on my toes, engaged with life in a juicy way. To the best of my ability, I don't want to have any regrets or unlived life left when it's time to leave this body.

As one of the participants in my Create class shared from her grandmother: "Don't let all of the good in you, die with you".

I think this is part of the 'good' I carry in me - the love of adventure and exploration into places (internal and external) that can be uncomfortable and ultimately life-changing.

I've taken a vow to deepen my relationship with the Unknown so that I can experience the magic of life, and this adventure is another step in that journey.

I invite you to come along with us (Insta handle: @dubsflysouth) on this adventure into the Unknown – as we head straight into the discomfort and growth that 'new' brings, while stepping fully into the possibility of being met with the magic of life, over and over again!

One thing I can say with confidence is that blowing shit up is often far kinder, gentler and more expansive than the pictures my mind fabricates when I'm standing on the edge of the cliff, looking smack dab into the face of the Unknown with wobbly knees.

Let's go!


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