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We're Always Creating - But From Where?

You may have noticed I’ve been pretty quiet these last few months - you could say I went incommunicado in the digital world. It’s definitely not what the marketing experts would tell me to do - constant consistent communication is the only way in their eyes, but it wasn’t what the Rebel Sage within me needed or wanted.

What I needed was to have some time to simply rest, receive, listen, and NOT do. So I chose to trust myself and let my inner wisdom guide me in this little hibernation. It was a first for me to take this much time “away” from doing.

Yes, I got buggy here and there but I was following a calling so it made the neurotic twitches manageable… and I have A LOT of faith in the process of following a calling. In fact, I believe it’s one of the most magical things we can do as humans.

That’s why one of my favorite things to do in the world is help other people follow theirs… I guess you could sum it up as - my calling is to help you follow yours.

And I’m happy to say that the calling is taking shape and I’m ready to share what’s been marinating over here at Rebel Sage!

In the midst of my hibernation, I realized that we’re always creating.

We create with every choice we make or don’t make. We create with our words or by remaining silent. We create when we withhold or when we give generously. We create by believing we’re powerful or not.

And it all starts with energy… energy is central to how and what we create.

Let me explain… There are only two energies we can create from - Survival and Essential Energy - and they create vastly different lives and experiences.

Survival Energy is based in the past and is rooted in who you had to be in order to fit in and survive (to get love, approval, appreciation). We use it to try to control the future and it often feels tight, heavy and serious. When you create from here you are creating from fear.

Essential Energy is based in the present moment and is vital, alive, aligned and draws from who you are here to BE (this IS co-creation with Spirit). When you create from here you are creating from love.

Here’s the kicker - most of us create from Survival Energy because 1) conditioning and 2) we’re actually creating to avoid.

Let me give you an example…

When I was little, I really wanted my dad’s attention. He was very busy building his business and it took him away from home most of the week, every week. When he came home, he was wiped out and either needed to keep working or just wanted to read the newspaper and nap. I remember running around in circles in the living room flicking his newspaper every time I ran in front of him. 99% of the time, he didn’t think this was funny, in fact very much the opposite, his face looked like he was angry at me. I remember feeling ashamed, like I’d done something wrong. And I learned that it was better to be quiet and tag along with him while he worked, trying to be helpful, if I wanted to spend time with him.

What that created was me changing who I was in order to control future outcomes.

Quiet + helpful = love from Dad + avoiding rejection. Survival Energy.

How this conveyed in my adult life was becoming a Very Helpful Person. No surprise I went into the helping field. I could now do that shit all day long, feel APPRECIATED and even get paid! Triple bonus!

But what I couldn’t do was be myself. Being myself might make someone angry or annoyed with me (rejection). So what do you think I created when I first went into business?

I became the Most Helpful Chinese Medicine Practitioner you could find AND I charged very reasonable rates (so as not to rock the boat).

I had created but I had created to avoid.

So now can you see why I love helping people to follow their calling?

It’s a reclamation of who we are underneath all the conditioning, and it’s co-conspiriting to CREATE possibilities that have never seen the light of day and won’t unless you answer the calling. It’s creating in alignment with our true selves.

So let’s do it together.

I’ve put together this very fun, FREE online class, Create: The Energetics of Creating From Survival vs Essential Energy, so we can all get into the creative soup together and get clarity on:

  • Why you’re stuck in different areas of your life - we will delve deeper into the energy you’ve been in and the difference between Survival and Essential Energy

  • How you’ve been stuck - because being stuck can look different for each of us, from hearing a calling that feels scary, unknown and like it could upend your life if you follow it, to being hesitant to take the next step to overcome a challenge in your life, to completely avoiding difficult conversations, to feeling stuck because you're searching for The Right Way. So together we will examine how Survival and Essential Energy look in your life and what your version of creating to avoid is.

  • Your commitment to your next step - by the end of the class you will be aware of what energy you have been creating from and with awareness comes the power to choose what comes next. We will ask, ‘What is possible now that you have brought awareness to the energy you are creating from?’ and get super clear on what you’re committed to for your next step.

AND you’ll get to experience the way I work - especially helpful if you’re new to Rebel Sage. Don't be shy, go ahead and click here for your free class and get clear on where you're creating from! Just may change the course of where you're heading . . .


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