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Inspiration in the Bathroom

I found this hanging in a bathroom and had to capture it.

1. I love that it was in a bathroom.

2. It’s strong medicine.

How often do you take this medicine?

Retreat is an intentional way to disconnect and take time to clear your mind and listen to your heart. To find what’s there and what matters NOW.

Your heart is ready to guide you to and through what it takes so that you can align and connect with what matters.

Listen, Jesus went to the desert for a whole 40 days(rockstar retreat-er!!) to listen to his heart and he wasn’t even addicted to dopamine hits from Like buttons. He had people to heal, downloads to receive, and snakes and seriously powerful people that wanted to off him. It all creates noise and we pay a price to play in this world.

It’s really easy to look around and buy into the pace that we’re all going (when’s the last time you heard someone over the age of 20 say, ‘Oh I’m so bored, I wish the world would speed up’ when you asked them how they’re doing); the level of connection available (texting on the stinkin’ toilet!); and the human story that is taking place (it’s a rat race).

What would it be like if you looked at the STORY you are buying into about life? I guarantee you’ve bit hook, line and sinker into someone else’s story about how you value yourself, what you’re doing here in this experiment called life, and who you need to be in order to play your role in the story.

What if you got to define what your story and role are based on your unique design, what matters to you, and what your heart is guiding you to and through? This isn’t a path of least resistance – it’s a path THROUGH resistance because what you’ve learned is ‘safe’, is exactly what needs to be challenged in order for you to grow. To grow into the reality of whom you actually are.

We need to disconnect from our regularly programmed lives in order to step out of the noise we’ve created consciously or unconsciously, the noise we’re exposed to by just being in this world, and create space to just BE. To remember what we innately knew so long ago. Before the conditioning. Before we armored up against vulnerability. Before we subscribed to the story of having to work to get love, approval and appreciation from others.

What we’ve collectively forgotten, but what the heart holds in its knowing is: I am enough.

If you have a burning desire to remember who you already are, let’s talk or better yet, retreat. If it’s a casual curiosity, don’t call me - I’m not your person. I work with those that are ready to have their feet to the fire because they’d rather put salve on toasty toes than keep their socks on and play it safe.


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