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Rebel Sage was born out of sheer frustration. I was working with my first coach and all I had was a vision. Literally - an image in my mind's eye - that wouldn't leave me alone. It also had a feeling that went along with it - nostalgia mixed with expansion mixed with excitement and a feeling of BIGNESS. Way bigger than me and what I could imagine creating. I felt like the coaching was just going around and around and we weren't getting anywhere. 

I stopped talking so the steam could vent out of my ears. That's when my coach suggested I write from this very place of "stuckness". So I did. That's where Rebel Sage was born. I could feel a rebel part in me that wanted some airtime and the opportunity to let me know that my life had gotten too, well, conventional. That it was time to shake things up. There was this other part in me that felt like ancient wisdom, like earth, just patiently observing and making space for all of my stuckness. I wrote and wrote and gave them both airtime. I realized I wasn't stuck. I was trying to move forward without these very important energies that actually define the vision I had been receiving. 

It changed my whole experience of what I call stuck. I realized that feeling is what shows up when we need to get something so important for our journey that it won't let us go forward without it.

Investment (from RS Poolside Retreat May 2021)

Option 1*: Retreat Only

$847 pay in full OR $439 deposit at registration and $439 due on May 7th

Option 2*:  Retreat + 2, discounted 60-minute 1:1 Integration Sessions (sessions to be used by July 5th, 2021)

There is 1 work exchange scholarship available! If interested, fill out the application and include "I'm interested in the scholarship" in your application.  

*Retreat investment is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, you have 6 months to apply the investment towards another Rebel Sage retreat or 1:1 work.

The Curiosity Process™

The Curiosity Process™ is a dogma-free inquiry into limiting beliefs that stand between you and what you want to do/be/have.

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