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We aren't here to be comfortable.

We're here to create.


The world doesn't need more of the same old same old.


It's time for YOU - the rebel visionaries, heart-based entrepreneurs and healers to be part of a new way forward - to disrupt the predictable and create the extraordinary.

The way forward is through trusting yourself at a whole new level to follow the calling that won't leave you alone. 

You have a vision that won't leave you alone.


I'm glad you found your way here because it takes courage to follow your calling. And it always requires that you grow along the way. 

As a creator, you must know two foundational things: the energy you're creating from, and how to follow your inner guidance.

To do that, you connect to your heart and your body - where your inner guidance lives - to transform who you believe yourself to be. Following the mind won't get you there. 

In rewriting your story, you find the fuel and freedom to share your gifts and vision with your world, and be who you came here to be.

You aren't here to play someone else's game. You're here to create your own and impact your world in a way that matters to you. 

You aren't' made to fit in - living a conventional life feels like nails on a chalkboard to you. 

You're here to disrupt the 'that's just the way things are' old paradigms, your industry, what's possible, how you experience relationships, and most importantly, how you experience yourself. 

You're here to follow your calling, and are willing to trust your heart and inner knowing to lead the way. 

You're in the right place.


When you step into the Rebel Sage work, your outer world changes without effort because you've transformed from the inside. 

* Opportunities come your way.


* Your relationships become more fulfilling.


* You make more money because you're aligned with what lights you up.


* You trust yourself to take the next step, even when fear of the unknown is breathing down your neck. 


* Your vision manifests with ease. 


And yes, you're going to ruffle some feathers along the way. It's worth it.

Welcome to Rebel Sage.

How We Work Together

I believe when we embody learnings through experience we get exactly what we need, in exactly the way we need it and it's ours to keep. Not subject to others' approval, judgment or opinion. When you show up whole-heartedly and are willing to step into the unknown, your transformation is inevitable. 

Choose your own adventure:

Hi - I'm Lisa Welden.


I believe life is an adventure to be lived by challenging ourselves to step into the unknown, following our hearts, and trusting it will lead us to something more profound than we can even imagine.

Following a calling is one of the most magical things we can do as humans, that’s why one of my favorite things to do in the world is help other people follow theirs. 

Simply put: My calling is to help you follow yours!

"I love how Lisa gravitates towards exploring the things we tend to turn away from to understand the why."   - Loren S.

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