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A Retreat for Powerful Creators
August 25th - 28th, 2022 in Taos, New Mexico

If you knew how powerful you were, would you be living the life you are?


If not, what would you be creating instead? 


And what stops you from making that life a reality?


Cultivate is the retreat that will help you answer these questions. Join me, and other like-hearted souls, for 4 deeply experiential and embodied days in Taos, New Mexico. 


Together we will go deep as we share, learn and experience a new way to create. 

We are creating ALL THE TIME.


We create with every choice we make or don’t make. 


We create with our words or by remaining silent. 


We create when we withhold or when we give generously. 


We create by believing we’re powerful or not.  

And it all starts with energy… energy is central to how and what we create. 

Understanding and recognizing what energy you’re creating from, knowing HOW you create, and the willingness to follow this energy into the unknown are the most vital muscles you can build to be a masterful creator.

When you build these muscles they become your superpower. You begin to see new possibilities open up to you in all areas of your life. And when you understand the energy and creative cycle it takes to move those possibilities from imagination into reality they no longer feel out-of-reach and unachievable but instead exciting and completely do-able!

At Cultivate you will learn and embody the fundamentals of energy and the Elemental Creative Cycle… 

You will meet the powerful creator that lies within you. 


Learning from Lisa is such a beautiful process. I’ve been working with Lisa for some time now, and I love her presence and her ability to listen with her whole heart and whole being. And while holding you in that love, she also pushes you. She’s going to challenge you. I appreciate that. She’s going to call bullshit when she sees bullshit. And that’s kind of what we’re all here for. If we didn’t want to be challenged or pushed, we wouldn’t be doing this kind of stuff. I really love how she does that with her whole heart and presence.

– Kathy Adelson

Do you… 


  • Regularly feel depleted and burned out, unable to get out of the cultural cycle of wearing exhaustion as a badge of ‘worthiness’? You can’t actually remember the last time you made space to rest.

  • Feel stuck, lacking in clarity and can't see what’s next for yourself or what your next best step to take is? Perhaps because you are so overwhelmed with fabulous ideas you can’t bear to narrow them down, or when you do choose a handful of ideas to move forward with, you end up frustrated because you lose steam on them.

  • Make planning your safe place? You plan, plan again and keep on planning - then you throw in that hefty dose of Perfection and Figuring It Out as well! It’s keeping you stuck, procrastinating and spinning your wheels rather than getting into meaningful action. 

  • Don’t take the time to celebrate your accomplishments and wins? Find yourself in a cycle of consuming, distracting and busy-ing to try and find ‘bliss’ and contentment but it never quite satisfies?

  • Stay blind to the potential support available to you and trapped in doing everything yourself? Because ‘it will take too much time’ to teach someone else, or ‘no one can do it the way I like it, as quickly as I can, so I might as well do it myself’.

  • Never quite complete projects or let go of them fully before starting new ones? Endings feel hard for you so you tend to skip over them - like not stopping to grieve loss or entering new relationships before ending the last. Or maybe you toss projects/relationships/business strategies out the window because they don't quite hit the mark right off the bat, instead of taking the time to prune and discern what worked and didn't first. ​​

Yes? Then Cultivate is for you!

What if all that it isn’t because you aren’t (fill in the blank) enough …


But because you’ve been told to be quiet, look pretty, cross your legs, do your homework, smell nice, stand up, sit down, do it the right way, keep your thoughts to yourself, speak up, get it done, be NICE, be responsible, lighten up, be a boss lady but don’t forget your place, good girls don’t do that, go big or go home and whatever you do, do NOT act too big for your britches  . . .?


This kind of messaging is not only confusing, but it becomes who we think we need to be from a really young age, and it causes us to create from Survival Energy. Without even knowing it. 


Survival Energy => energy created from the past that you learned to use to get love, approval and appreciation that is now used to try to control future outcomes and keep you safe. In short, creating from fear. 


Here’s the kicker… Most of us create from Survival Energy because a) conditioning (see above!) and b) we’re actually creating to avoid.

Let me give you an example…

When I was little, I really wanted my dad’s attention. He was very busy building his business and it took him away from home most of the week, every week. When he came home, he was wiped out and either needed to keep working or just wanted to read the newspaper and nap. 


I remember running around in circles in the living room flicking his newspaper every time I ran in front of him. 99% of the time, he didn’t think this was funny, in fact very much the opposite, his face looked like he was angry at me. I remember feeling ashamed, like I’d done something wrong. And I learned that it was better to be quiet and tag along with him while he worked, trying to be helpful, if I wanted to spend time with him. 


What that created was me changing who I was in order to control future outcomes. 


Quiet + helpful = love from Dad + avoiding rejection. Survival Energy. 


How this conveyed in my adult life was becoming a Very Helpful Person. No surprise I went into the helping field. I could now do that shit all day long, feel APPRECIATED and even get paid! Triple bonus!


But what I couldn’t do was be myself. 


Being myself might make someone angry or annoyed with me (rejection). So what do you think I created when I first went into business? 


I became the Most Helpful Practitioner you could find AND I charged very reasonable rates (to not to rock the boat!).


I had created but I had created to avoid.


Until we make creating (and the Elemental Creative Cycle) more conscious, we will keep unconsciously creating from the place that we’ve been conditioned to - and this place doesn’t (and won’t ever) fill our hearts or nourish the purpose we’ve been called to (nor will it create a different world than the one we see now).


There is another way… 

The tricky bit is that by its very nature, stepping into the unknown, drives up our Survival Energy as the mind tries very hard to keep us safe and in the ‘known’. 

This means that it ALWAYS shows up when you follow your calling.

When Survival Energy shows up, it means you’re human and that you’re likely about to do something new, challenging or brave. WE ALL create from here until we become aware of our own blind spots and do the work to know how to identify and navigate through the old energy and choose the new. 


The point isn’t to make Survival Energy go away (we’d be dead in no time crossing the street in traffic if that were the case). It’s to befriend the fears and outdated beliefs that live underneath the Survival Energy so that we can build the muscle to acknowledge the fear AND take the next essentially-energized step. 

To keep stepping into the unknown, and out of fear and Survival Energy into love and Essential Energy will always be an ongoing process for those that are devoted to creating an inspired life and business. 

But it is one that I will always argue is totally worth it! 

It takes conscious effort and courage to follow what’s calling to you and to trust what matters deeply to you. It also takes support. 


So let’s start creating differently, together.

There’s something about the space that Lisa holds. It’s very safe, very sacred, and really deep. And yet we do this really deep, profound work with a sense of playfulness and humor. You can’t beat her humor.


I knew I wanted to work with Lisa the moment I met her, and I’m clear that I will take an opportunity to do it again in the future.         – Ashlie Woods


Are you…

A coach, healer, leader, creative, disruptor, visionary or anyone who is feeling the calling to be a conscious creator - whether that be to benefit your personal life, work life or larger community.

Who wants to…

  • Create a healthy relationship with the Unknown - don't get knocked off course when you hit the unexpected & learn how to be receptive (inspiration comes in the Unknown!). 

  • Take action that's aligned with your inner compass instead of being stuck in paralyzing cycles of analysis paralysis, procrastination, indecision and overwhelm.


  • Begin to learn the fundamentals of how to tend to your vision to cultivate clarity - know when to let an idea just be an idea; know when to take bold, embodied action; know when to savor the process instead of rushing onto the next thing; know when to complete and be done with something; and when to go inward and conspire with the Unknown.  

  • Become clear on what following your calling looks and feels like, and make clear decisions based in calm groundedness rather than fear and mistrust.

  • Have time and space to breathe life into something you're creating, or want to create, in your life. It may be committing to being in integrity with yourself instead of people-pleasing, dedicating time to the vision that won’t leave you alone, or could be something entirely different - your soul will know what it wants to use this time for! 

  • Know and experience yourself as a powerful creator in your life.



I LOVE helping people to consciously create while following their calling (the story above probably shows you why!) but… 


Following a calling is not for the faint of heart. It requires that we get still and listen to our future self, guiding us to step into Essential Energy.


Essential Energy => energy based in the present moment that is vital, spacious, alive and brings clarity. It draws from who you are here to BE.  When you create from here, you are creating from love.


It’s a reclamation of who we are underneath all the conditioning, and it’s co-conspiriting to CREATE possibilities that have never seen the light of day and won’t unless you answer the calling. 


It’s creating in alignment with our true selves. 

And this requires us to step into the unknown, remember:

“Understanding and recognizing what energy you’re creating from (Survival or Essential), knowing HOW you create, and the willingness to follow this energy into the unknown are the most vital muscles you can build to be a masterful creator.”

Join me for Cultivate
August 25th - 28th in Taos, New Mexico

Meet Your Guide: 

Lisa Welden, Co-Conspirator. Transformational Leader. Experience Junkie.


Hi, I’m Lisa!  I believe life is an adventure to be lived by challenging ourselves to step into the wild unknown, follow our hearts, and trust it will lead us to something more profound than we can even imagine.  


Following a calling is one of the most magical things we can do as humans, that’s why one of my favorite things to do in the world is help other people follow theirs. 

Simply put: My calling is to help you follow yours! 


Everyone has unique medicine to be shared with the world and I love to conspire with entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, service-based leaders and rebels whose medicine ruffles feathers and disrupts the status quo. I guide my clients to listen to their hearts and trust their Rebel natures to envision and create businesses and lives that light them up.

During this retreat you will:


  • Cultivate a deeper connection to your own guidance, wisdom and creative spirit so that you know yourself to be a masterful creator in your life.

  • Discern between Survival & Essential Energy in your body so that you have an embodied, consistent, reliable tool to know which energy you're creating from, and when to course correct (this alone is priceless as it saves you money, time, effort and relationships when you know the difference).

  • Embody each phase of the Elemental Creative Cycle (the 1000's of years-old, nature-based map that teaches us HOW to create) to unearth the inherent challenges and strengths you have within each. There is an art to creating, and Mother Nature will be our guide.  

  • Discover the blind spots that have kept you playing small, trying to figure out The Right Way, choosing to distract instead of getting clear, and staying busy because getting quiet feels scary. Befriend the fear that lives in the blind spot so you can stop trying to fight it and 'push through'.

  • Learn how to create from a place within you that doesn’t need to be validated by ‘out there’ to make it worthwhile. Together we will break the pattern of trying to ‘fit in’, because what you’re being called to create isn’t going to look like what’s already here… creating from the heart looks wildly different than creating from the mind!

  • Create from a place that feels vital and alive with like-hearted people in a supportive and safe space.

Cultivate will be highly experiential, embodied and transformative - we'll go deep as groups are so good for learning through others' sharing and experiences… but we will also make sure to have FUN, laugh together and eat yummy food while experiencing the beauty of Taos! 


By the end of our time together in Taos, you will deeply know yourself and how you create and you will trust your inner guidance and wisdom at a whole new level. 

Join me for Cultivate
August 25th - 28th in Taos, New Mexico

What advice would you give to someone thinking about going on a Rebel Sage retreat?

"Just do it! The insights, transformations, and possibilities that this kind of experience opens up for you are priceless. I can't think of a better investment in yourself than something like this." - Katelyn C.
"You will benefit from this in one way or another! It will not be wasted money, time, or energy. In fact, the opposite! It will give you energy and move you forward because you cannot unlearn by yourself." - Melissa W.
"Lisa holds a beautifully supportive and transformative space. There's some magic that happens in a group of women committed to supporting each other through change and Lisa provides the guidance and wisdom to make it happen. Also, the food was delicious. It felt like a treat to effortlessly eat well and be away from all the responsibilities of day-to-day life." - Rachel L.
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