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Sage Heart Group

A 6-month group for like-hearted women committed to their personal evolution and pioneering new ways to create and be in their worlds that checks the fulfillment box at a whole new level. 

You will be SEEN, HEARD and SUPPORTED on this journey.


Growth and transformation happens IN relationship - not sitting on a meditation cushion by yourself, reading books or wishful thinking. It doesn't even happen by wearing yoga clothing and shirts that say "Love & Light"! (shucks) It happens when we can have new experiences, while being witnessed by others, that has us breaking through limiting beliefs into a more expanded version of who we thought we were.   

The Sage Heart Group is a safe space to experiment with bringing your fullest self out into the world, finding out what that actually means to you, and taking appropriate action to make it so. What's calling to you from within that wants to be expressed? Your Health - Courage - Voice - Intuition - Love - Intimacy - Career - Passion - Freedom - Movement - Heart - Sexuality - Confidence? Owning your power and claiming who you're here to be in this life? 


Whatever your version of MORE EXPRESSED is, will be one of the pillars of our exploration together as a group. I believe this is how Divine Feminine is meant to lead and does it best. 

Some of the ways we'll play together:


~ Creating awareness of "autopilot" beliefs and reactions and find choices that have never occurred to you before with The Curiosity Process™. You will be uncovering beliefs you never knew you were operating under, and understand the bind that has kept you from taking significant and aligned action.   

~ Mastermind magic (Mastermind = when a group comes together under a shared intention) - creating new possibilities to experience major shifts in our thinking, the action we take and the level at which we're showing up in our lives. Not to mention the power of brainstorming for each other to bring new solutions to sticky spaces and new places.

~ Discerning the heart from the head and knowing where each plays its part best.

~ Cultivating Wisdom Practices and Rituals that serve to keep you in tune with your own guidance system, heart, connected to Spirit, and focused on what matters most to you. The more ways we find to love ourselves, the easier it gets to be the love.

~ Accountability - be seen and supported as you take courageous steps (big and small).

~ Experience setting clear boundaries with ourselves and others to shore up energy leaks and actually create more energy.

~ Discovering your unique design for BEing in the world (the energy you transmit without knowing it, HOW to make decisions that are correct for you and conscious and unconscious ways you are here to play in this lifetime).

~ Learning how and when to open your heart to safely step into vulnerability, courage and FREEDOM. 

~ Creating strong, lasting connections with other women.

~ 3-day RETREAT!!! 

The Nitty Gritty:

This group meets as a combination of live and virtual experiences to get the best of both worlds of connection:

~ 1, 45-minute Intention-setting call

~ 1, 90-minute virtual Circle per month (calls via Zoom on Mondays 12-1:30pm CST: November 25, December 16, January 6, February 24, March 23, April 20)

~ 1, 90-minute live Circle per month (held in central Austin) 6:30-8pm CST on Wednesdays: November 13, December 4, February 5, March 11, April 8. (For those outside of Austin, you will be conferenced in via Zoom).

~ 3-day Retreat January 24-26, 2020

~ 5, 60-minute 1:1 Mentoring sessions with Lisa over the duration of the group, scheduled to best serve your needs. (optional)

~ Private online forum to anchor support, learning and connection between Circles.

This is an opportunity to DEEP DIVE and not have to do it alone!


The Sage Heart Group is designed for those committed to playing life with 

heart, intuition and curiosity leading the way! 

If this has you leaning in and you'd like to learn more, please book a call here

~ I'm so looking forward to experiencing what we create together! ~

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