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Rebel Sage Poolside

A Retreat for Wise Women

What I've been hearing from many clients and friends, and feeling myself, is that there is a great need for genuine, meaningful connection.


There's also a need to break up the monotony of what daily life has become. This need expresses in ways like feeling uninspired, burnt out, depleted, resentful, meh, irritable, sad, disconnected, and tolerating 'the way things are'. 

We've all been through the wringer over the past year, and it's caused us to be in really CLOSE quarters with others AND feel isolated at the same time. There have likely been huge shifts in realizing what really matters to you in this time. It has probably also illuminated what's NOT working in your life.


What I know is that if we don't take the time to align with these shifts, we fall back into old, known patterns that require us to negotiate our vitality.



It can be so helpful, and necessary, to have support to create new frameworks for what fits the new insights and values you've discovered - and most importantly, what lights you up as you move forward. And it's totally ok if you don't have clarity around what's shifted. Perhaps it feels like something has gotten rearranged in you (and out in the world), and you're not sure what sense to make of it yet. 

That’s why I created Rebel Sage Poolside retreat for wise women.


This intimate retreat is about connecting to your vitality and the inner wisdom that knows the way to what's possible. And to reconnect, we need to cultivate intimacy with ourselves. We need to find where the lights have gone out and stoke a new fire. 


Vitality is defined as 'the power to live or go on living' (aka non-negotiable).

And yet, when you get quiet with yourself, how often do you feel the parts of you that aren't vitally, intimately connected? And how often do you push that knowing back down?

A lit-up woman is a force of nature. A burned-out woman is a negotiated existence. What will you choose? 


The Retreat

Rebel Sage Poolside
Friday, May 21st - Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

Austin, Texas 

The intent of this retreat is to connect to your vitality, get lit up with feminine goodness, and release old, sticky ways of being that no longer serve you. I'm gathering an intimate group of wise women together who have a strong desire to feel more alive, energized and connected to the essence of who they are. 

We'll spend the first evening together enjoying a dinner we didn't lift a finger to prepare and setting intentions for the weekend. The following days will be a combination of internal housekeeping, cultivating your inner guidance, and creating a new level of intimacy with your heart. And if you know me, you know there will be some fun surprises sprinkled in too. :) Oh yes - and pool time of course! 

- Friday 6:30pm - 9:30pm-ish (dinner provided)  
- Saturday 10am - 5pm (lunch and snacks provided) 
- Sunday 10am - 1pm (snacks provided)

Retreat will be held at a private home in west Austin (poolside!). If you'd like to get a hotel or Airbnb, you can search near the Galleria (Hwy 71/620).


On retreat we'll be:

- defining the roles you've been playing in your life and discerning which need to be rewritten in order to create more energy

- exploring the difference between relationship and intimacy and discovering which is the anchor that fuels you

- find where you've been Contorting & Distorting so that you can avoid "the slow death"

- discovering what lights you up and brings more energy into your life and the lives of those around you

- enjoying being in a sacred and safe container to explore the unique reality of being a woman at this time in history

- completing our time together crystal clear on the specific, aligned action you'll be taking to create a more turned on, lit up, pleasure-driven YOU!

- playing!

You’ll walk away from this retreat with more insight into your wants, needs, and desires, an understanding of where you’ve been distorting and contorting to fit into pre-defined roles that are way too small for you, and a plan on how to move forward into a more authentic life that lights you up!

 Once you complete the application, I'll be in touch if we're a good fit. If you have questions and would like to hop on a call you can schedule that here

This intimate retreat is by application only. If you, or someone you know, would benefit from getting crystal clear on 1 area of life ready to shift in a significant, sustainable way that has you living with more vitality, confidence and fulfillment - this is for you (did you know - shifting one area of your life shifts them all?)!

HEADS UP: There are a limited number of openings for Rebel Sage Poolside and once they're full, registration will close.

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