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Coming Home to Your Heart Masterclass Series
Deep Dive Mastermind 
~ 10-week guided experience ~

Ready to take a deep dive? 

What if uncertainty was your teacher?


Imagine if all you needed to navigate the unknown was inside of you.

It's time to transform fear into possibilities

and create an unshakable connection to your inner wisdom!


In this 10-week series we will harness the power and synergy of this special group to support heartfelt intentions, aspirations, and to stay awake to the possibilities, rather than the pitfalls that "the unknown" can call forth in us.  This is an invitation to walk into the mystery, together.

A Mastermind group is different than other 'groups'. You will be coached, guided and held in a container of accountability, compassion and support in the journey home to your inner wisdom and the vision you hold for yourself.

Imagine being supported by a good friend that tells it like it is while gently holding your heart.

What's ready to shift? Perhaps there is a new way you want to show up in your life. Maybe it's a relationship that's ready to transition, or the subtle, small voice whispering a dream into your heart. 

This will be an intimate group (8 people max) coming together around a common intention/interest which is what begins the journey! Like-hearted people tend to find each other in the most amazing ways. Calls will be recorded if you aren't able to make it live to each session, and you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback, insights and ask questions in-between calls.  

Over these 10 weeks, we'll be:

  • Using roadblocks as pivot points instead of places to stop​

  • Celebrating daily wins (big and small), ah-ha's and insights along the way

  • Regarding uncertainty as a teacher and the way to new possibilities

  • Holding you in compassionate accountability to help you move forward in what you are creating in your life

  • Developing tools, practices and exercises to energize, create more focus, minimize collective stress and transform overwhelm

  • Facilitating conversations, writing & "little experiments" to awaken & stimulate your Internal Navigation System & keep you dialed into your heart

  • Applying these principles to your daily life starting DAY ONE!

  • Providing the framework for taking aligned action (no more 'should's'!) 

Deep Dive Mastermind 

10-week guided group experience

Wednesdays from 1:30pm - 2:30pm CST via Zoom 

Begins May 20th, 2020

(Replays for those unable to make each class live.)

Investment: $1497 one time payment, or

$497 deposit plus 2 monthly payments of $550


**$200 Early-Bird Discount when registered by May 12th!**

(use code EarlyBird)

$1297 one time payment, or

$497 deposit plus 2 monthly payments of $440


(email to register if you've attended a previous class in this series)


This equals $120-$150/Deep Dive session for both Kristi & Lisa by your side,

plus the power of the group. This is a rare opportunity to get this level of support and value at this price!

NOW is the time to step into MORE of you!

It's time to create the unshakable connection to your internal wisdom

and unlock your relationship to uncertainty -- transforming fear into possibilities!

Committing to this deep dive signals to your inner being that you are now listening and willing to start living from a new place that has you amplifying what's already working and illuminating what's ready to be lived.

Bringing change into your life requires desire, consistency and support. Let's do this together!

With a combined 40+ years of holding safe, non-judgmental space for others in their respective practices,

Lisa and Kristi welcome you to join this group to come home.

Lisa Welden

Lisa Welden is the founder of Rebel Sage Experiences and designs transformational retreats and programs for individuals and groups. She works with people who are committed to their freedom, believe that living a conventional life feels like nails on a chalkboard, and salivate at the opportunity to learn what their edges are to create a massive ripple effect of courageous, conscious living.

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Kristi Vitali

Kristi is the founder of Be Well Austin and 20+ year practitioner of Myofascial Release.  Her innermost desire is to facilitate the process of self-discovery & self-awareness with you so that you can discover and release behaviors, beliefs, and unconscious holding patterns in the body that cause pain and suffering to be your best feeling self.

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