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The Energetics of Creating From Survival vs Essential Energy
An experience for those committed to creating a new world


If you knew how powerful you were, would you be living the life you are?


If not, what would you be creating instead? 

Survival Energy is energy created from the past that you learned to use to get love, approval and appreciation that is now used to try to control future outcomes and keep you safe. 


It often feels tight, heavy, exhausting and serious. When you create from here you are creating from fear. 

Essential Energy is energy based in the present moment and is vital, alive, aligned and draws from who you are here to BE.


It often feels light, joyful, playful, spacious and clear. When you create from here you are creating from love.

Knowing yourself as a powerful creator is the secret sauce to designing a life that inspires you.

The day after Create, I had an epiphany. I had been miserable for weeks leading up to the class because of feeling stuck in an area of my personal life.


What you covered in Create, and defining Survival Energy had a huge light bulb go off for me. I realized I've been in Survival Energy most of my life - in fact I built a career around it. I also realized that if I can shift my energy, I can start seeing people in my world differently and this stuck area could change. This feels life-changing!

- D.D.

I truly enjoyed the material and the responses from all of the participants.  You always provide great tools to help people move forward and see past their current storm.  I needed this class. I believe the reason I can’t create the life I want is because I'm stuck in Survival Energy… 


Thank you for everything you do Lisa!

- T.J.

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