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Masterclass Series

Ready for a deep dive?


Do you have the feeling that you are being called to know the deeper places within yourself?


Perhaps you're feeling confused, lost or overwhelmed by what we're experiencing right now.

Or guilty that you're doing okay when others aren't.


Maybe there are relationships being called into focus through friction or disconnection right now

(including the one with yourself).

Ready to create an unshakable confidence in your internal navigation system and decision-making? 

Engage uncertainty as your teacher that shows you the possibilities

rather than the potential pitfalls.


If you resonate with any of these scenarios, or perhaps the flavor of your experience is a combination of so many things right now it's hard to pinpoint where you are . . .  you are invited to go within with a group of like-minded seekers to strengthen the connection to your internal guidance system.


Your internal guidance system includes your heart, gut instinct, intuition, physical sensations, impulses, synchronicity, visions, and even pain. Many of us have turned away from it for really good survival reasons. But we can't keep our connection to it locked away AND navigate uncertainty and fear in a conscious way.

We're being asked to evolve - emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually right now. There's no way around what we're facing - it's time to go through.

If you would like to learn how to go through fear and uncertainty connected to your own wisdom, guided by seasoned leaders, please join us for this experiential class series:

Deep Dive Mastermind 

10-week guided group experience

Wednesdays from 1:30pm - 2:30pm CST via Zoom 

Begins May 20th, 2020

(Classes will be recorded so you can still participate if you can't make each class live.)

In this class series we'll be diving into:

  • Learning a specific process to access and activate your internal guidance system 

  • Exploring how we relate (or not) to our own guidance

  • Revealing the survival stories we tell that keep us out of our heart

  • Uncovering the map of what returning to your own guidance actually means, and what we encounter along the way 

  • Getting clear on exactly what pulls you away from YOU & how this feels 

  • Acknowledging your relationship & response to uncertainty

  • Creating a heart-mind space that allows you to access your internal resources with ease

  • Cultivating an unshakable connection to your own wisdom

  • Taking aligned action - no more second-guessing

With a combined 40+ years of holding safe, non-judgmental space for others in their respective practices,

Lisa and Kristi welcome you to join this group to come home.

Our true work is just beginning – join us!

Lisa Welden is the founder of Rebel Sage Experiences and designs transformational retreats and programs for individuals and groups. She works with people who are committed to their freedom, believe that living a conventional life feels like nails on a chalkboard, and salivate at the opportunity to learn what their edges are to create a massive ripple effect of courageous, conscious living.

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Kristi is the founder of Be Well Austin and 20+ year practitioner of Myofascial Release.  Her innermost desire is to facilitate the process of self-discovery & self-awareness with you so that you can discover and release behaviors, beliefs, and unconscious holding patterns in the body that cause pain and suffering to be your best feeling self.

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