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It's a radical act to choose to be enough

while living in a system designed to ensure you don't ever feel you are enough.

It only takes one choice to change your life.


Ready to choose?

Let's create a new way forward. Together.

Rebel Sage Reset Retreat

TBD - still in the cauldron simmering . . .


We love to get to know you a little and hear about where you find yourself in life that has you leaning in,

so we always chat first to ensure it's a good fit for you and for us. No hard sell or high pressure.

Hit 'Let's Connect' to send an email saying you're interested

and we can book a call to chat, ask questions and make a fully informed decision.

Have you been traveling too fast over rocky ground?

Are you weary from the weight of being sensitive in a world that's hard to digest? 

Holding it all together in order to get through another day? 

You're not alone. 

Woman Hiker

This isn't about 'working on yourself' or setting more goals. 

This is about becoming sensitive to the present moment, turning down the noise in your system and digesting what's there so that you can stop chasing MORE and BETTER or wondering why  your best efforts don't stick.

It's time to reset - on all levels. 

Nervous System Level

You are safe.


Your nervous system is the gatekeeper for all life experience. Learn how to regulate your nervous system in repeatable, sustainable ways so that you can take in nourishment, feel grounded and be present to your life. Without this, nothing sticks no matter how many things you try.  

Physical Level

It's okay to rest.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Andes Mountains and experiential practices that will turn your body into an ally on your transformational journey.

Mental-Emotional Level

You are enough.

Evaluate your reality (beliefs & values) to understand what stands in the way of feeling, believing and acting as if you are 'enough'. Come away with new experiences that rewire ENOUGH as your new reality. 

Spiritual Level

You are not alone.


Deepen your connection to What Is and meet your life with a new sense of appreciation, willingness and curiosity instead of hyper-vigilance, figuring it out and anxiety.

Signs that your soul and nervous system need to catch up:​

  • You snap at loved ones because your bandwidth is low.​

  • You find it hard to focus and often multi-task with less than ideal results.​

  • You made a vow that you wouldn't go back to "life as usual" once the pandemic was over and you feel you've slid neatly back into the old grooves. You need the time and space to gain clarity on what matters to you now. 

  • You're tired - the type that goes beyond not getting enough sleep. You've been making big moves for a long time and you need a space to learn how to catch up to yourself, get out of the hustle and discern if what you've been working so hard at is still meaningful. ​

  • You're smart and you're trying all the right things - self-care, exercise, meditation, therapy - but it doesn't create more peace or solve the nagging feeling that there has to be more to life than this.​​​​

  • You're typically in your head trying to figure things out, and you want to learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body. 

  • You're craving a safe space to learn how to digest all that's happening in the world so you can be resourced instead of overwhelmed. 

You haven't been doing anything wrong.

You've been stuck in a blind spot. Every single human has them.


This blind spot lives in the nervous system or belief system and creates the ways we are, and things we do in the world without us even knowing it's happening.


The way to the other side is to bring awareness to those blind spots, learn to find our way through them and discover new choices that have never occurred to us before. That's what makes things different. And that's exactly what we're going to be exploring on retreat.

If you are ready to slow down, take in some nourishment and allow your soul and nervous system to catch up with the rest of you, let's connect. 

You're invited to a no-pressure conversation designed to bring clarity to what feels like the best next step for you. 

This retreat is by application only.



Spend 5 days mastering the skill of integration, building the muscle of taking good stuff in and experience living from a grounded, regulated nervous system. 

This is how we'll reset:

  • a spaciously curated pace throughout the week that allows for rest, slowing down and soaking up the natural world around you


  • potent discussions that open up new perspectives and awareness (including why we resist rest and receiving good things and how to rewire that programming)

  • experiential activities (because only understanding it on the intellectual level doesn't cut it!)  

  • 1:1 coaching throughout the week to give you the "just right" support when you need it

  • a touch of neurochemistry & neurophysiology nerdery to have you feeling tip top in your body and get new synapses wired in

  • embodiment practices that get you out of your head and into your body so the changes becomes real and repeatable

  • laughter, movement, yummy food, beautiful natural surroundings, and connecting with a vetted group of like-hearted people

  • truly being supported in discovering your innate strengths (and challenges) around creating this life so that you walk away from retreat with absolute clarity and tangible next steps

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Your Guides

Lisa Welden & Mike Williams

With nearly 35 years of combined experience guiding clients to live from the integrated wisdom of body, mind and spirit, Lisa and Mike love to support people in creating a life that’s deeply authentic and fulfilling, grounded in self-awareness and experiential learning. 

They draw from a diverse background based in trauma-informed somatic psychology and mindful self-awareness. They also deeply value humor as essential medicine as life can get heavy at times - especially when you're committed to living intentionally!

Your exhale awaits . . . 

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