Unlearn your way to freedom.

This is a call to seekers of truth, freedom, adventure and healing.

I'm inviting you to stop.

Stop the hustle. Just for a minute.

"What's the one more thing I can add that would give me the edge?" you might be asking yourself,

over and over and over again. Even when you've just paid for the latest technique that still didn't scratch the itch. 

Leveling up is a nonlinear experience, and when you’re built to innovate and lead like you are, you’ve got to be fluent in the realms outside of the physical too. You know there’s more to this human experience than meets the eye, but when’s the last time you played in the energetic realm and trusted what you got? Challenged the mental to find more expansion? Listened to your heart to get in touch with what matters?

Remember when your creativity lit you up? Remember when the sense of awe and wonder was a regular experience?  

Standing on the edge of the cliff is exhilarating because you know living fully doesn’t mean being comfortable.

I’m inviting you to jump.

Jump into an experience that will have you running on all cylinders, tapping into the field of what’s all around you, but that most people don’t even know they’re swimming in.

The next retreat is in the midst of being manifested!

It will be an opportunity to tune in to what wants to come through you. And that requires stillness, listening, and expanding your consciousness.

You won’t come back the same person because something will have shifted about your perspective,

your definition of yourself, and how you want to play in the world.



It's time for you to disconnect from your regularly programmed life,

and connect to the part of you that knows the way.